Sunday, August 31, 2003

should this be weeping gnashing weeping part x?

reading this, it becomes clear that we scaa consumer members have to get in touch with good housekeeping right away. . .

mr. coffee, indeed! they don't even mention what kind of coffee they were using for the test.

but i have to make some more red tomato pizza sauce first --

i don't normally read much of msnbc (we bloggers are known for our preference for alternative media sources) but they are talking about our gig, yoga. oh wait! it's actually a webmd article!

this is the horror of syndication, that all websites will soon have the same 12 stories. but that aside, it's a good general article with some decent advice.

and yeah, be cautious; seek a certified teacher to avoid injury! of course these yoga students accept injury as the norm.

but few of us should ever emulate pro rugby players!

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