Monday, November 08, 2004

the cupping, as it was

"Dear Ted, Mike & Kimberly:

I'm writing you with great happiness about today's cupping at the Exchange for the SCAA program with New York magazine. I think it went nicely, considering the short notice: we put this together in a week.

As you may remember, the reporter called me to include a cupping in a larger life-style piece. And of course with the invaluable and gracious aid of the Exchange, former SCAA president Steve Colten, Oren Bloostein and Genevieve, Don and David Schoenholt, and the incredible devotion of consumer member, home-roaster, and famous folk musician Bob Yellin -- who flew from Vermont for this occasion -- we were able to advance the goals of the association's pro and consumer members.

In general we followed the general protocol of last June's event, cupping commercial components, and then moving to specialty. At the reporter's request, we focused on espresso.

I cannot thank Steve Colten of Atlantic enough for the enormous amount of effort he put forward this morning to block time for us at the Exchange, set up the entire commercial table, discuss the basics of coffee, and guide the reporter. I am endlessly grateful; he is always exceptional, an individual who performs even more than he promises.

Oren and Genevieve also offered their wonderful skills and the lovely Beowulf espresso. And they were willing to come and not only present the coffee, but also help mentor the reporter and photographer thru the cupping. As you know, not only are they both cuppers of the first caliber, but their belief in our program and commitment this morning goes beyond all bounds.

Also, Don and David Schoenholt helped me carry a semi-commercial one-group espresso machine, shop grinder, water, tampers, portafilters, etc. etc. from Brooklyn to the Exchange and back. Dealing with equipment is always difficult, but Don was kind enough to ferry all of it and myself around New York.

Naturally I also cannot help but acknowledge the delicious Deluxe Dark III espresso they contributed to the event, as well as the engaging coffee lore only Don can relate. As always, his passion and precision are incomparable.

Finally, I cannot forget the generosity of the Exchange in its willingness to allow us to use their facilities. I do hope this event helps raise their public recognition as well.

The reporter seemed engaged; so I am hopeful we will soon see the kind of coffee story that can only aid our efforts. Once again, I can only be honored to be able to rely on the dedication and passion of our friends. I never tire of the privilege I have in working with them on these special events.

Happy coffee,


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