Friday, November 26, 2004

the great chocolate chip

the day after t-day dawns clear, bright and much colder. naturally, this is the day the boiler in my building decides to flake out.

fortunately however we can generate heat by baking! when in doubt, dash down to gristedes -- where they now sell king arthur bread flour in a 5-lb. bag -- and pick up some flour and plugra.

chocolate chip cookies are an excellent excuse to turn the oven on. . .mr. right requested a somewhat chewier cookie, which is why i replaced the flour i usually use the with higher-protein bread flour.

more protein, more chew. 6 dozen cookies later, the house is passably warm, esp. if i wrap the tomcat around my neck. . .

our salvadoran cleaning lady had enough hot water to finish the laundry. when it was all over, we just sat down over a cafetiére of fresh coffee and passed the cream.

she told me it was the first time she'd ever had french press coffee. as she stood to go she said, "that instant mix coffee, it's no good. no."

, vilma. ยกclaro!

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