Friday, November 19, 2004

ladies, get out your fans

"before he starts cooking he hands me a drink which looks like black silk. . . .thick dark chocolate infused with a range of seductive ingredients including rose-petal essence, cinnamon and chili. the exquisite taste and the fact there is a gorgeous near-naked man in my kitchen makes me flush from head to toe."

since i try to keep this a family friendly blog, i'll just link to this chocolate tale and say no more. we all remember what the italian researcher found.

now that we've calmed down, i'll just say that i made up another cafetiére of james' blue bottle yemen ismaili sanani. altho' some reading my description noted that they think the "wood" flavor this coffee displays is a taste fault in this origin, i find it strangely appealing, esp. with cream and sugar.

but then, i often love aged coffees too; please forgive me. so i popped the remainder of the pot in a pre-heated, insulated thermos and brought it to work to enjoy at leisure.

to complement it, i also brought a row from a bar of bernard castelain 77% noir intense. yummy!

finally, even tho' i have the miami-style challah nailed, i couldn't help but buy maggie glezer's new bread book, which has many variations on the challah concept. mr. right loves challah. . .i expect this in the mail any day now.

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