Wednesday, November 10, 2004

riches in abundance

and a huge bccy thank you to james freeman of oakland's cult artisan roaster, blue bottle coffee. this was recently judged the best coffee in the entire bay area.

which is saying a lot, because in many ways, san francisco has long been a coffee mecca. james is of course famous for his passionate love of fine coffee. . .something we here at bccy appreciate and truly share.

james kindly sent several of his signature coffees: the bright alma viva; the wild yemen sanani; the giant steps (this is the coffee i have heard the most about after the espressos); the moka/java bella donovan; and finally his two espressos, the roman and the temescal.

if memory serves, i believe long-time bccy pal bruce cole of sautewednesday is addicted to the roman blend. . .

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