Thursday, November 04, 2004

woman in need of shot glasses

two dozen in fact, for the upcoming cupping at the exchange on monday! aiiiieeee. . .if anyone has any spares, please email me to donate!

but in other news, the chocolate show is creeping up on us here in nyc as well. coming from paris, where the asian-flavored chocolates -- soybean, sesame, lemon grass and green tea -- made headlines, i'm sure it'll be as a huge a hit here as last year.

in fact last year as soon as i heard how crowded and crazy it was, i didn't even go. the concept of waiting 2 hours in the rain to get in and then not being able to even reach the display tables was just too depressing.

clearly the organizers need to move this to a different venue! and i still think it's too close to the holiday production schedule to be good for many artisan producers. . .

and finally, a big congrats to long-time pals, scaa pros, roasters guild members, and staunch supporters of the consumer membership program -- counterculture coffee! roast magazine has named 'em roaster of the year!

it's a bccy shout-out to cindy chang, peter g., and david haddock. . .

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