Wednesday, December 22, 2004

6 minutes is a very long time

a lot of people have written me about wolfgang puck's self-heating canned coffee product. i don't know why, since long-time readers absolutely can tell how i will feel about it!

maybe they just like to pull my chain? but alas, i have no slack here that you can jerk. . .when you say "coffee" and "puck," i default to daydreaming of wood-roasted espresso.

first, it can't be a truly fresh high-quality "beverage experience;" he can call it "gourmet," but somehow i doubt he's going to be using specialty coffee. second, the self-heating technology isn't that new, things like this have been available in japanese vending machines for a while.

third, wolfgang still doesn't understand americans. the 6 minute heat-up time is too long; we are instant gratification people!

why go to a supermarket, wait in line to buy a can or 6-pack(!), pop it, then wait some more -- when you can hop into your nabe roaster/retailer or coffeeshop, even a mermaid, and be out the door in less time?

even at the mermaid near ground zero at lunch i never wait 6 whole minutes! that's one reason why they call it espresso -- it's fast, just 30 seconds for a shot!

so i'm agreeing with the fool here.

but while i'm dissing the celebrity chef, let me praise jim p. of 1st line. long-time readers know i admire philanthropy, and i happen to know that jim put his money where his heart is by offering a US$1,000 donation to that great charity coffee kids.

that's a nice chunk of change for a small online retailer. i encourage you, dear readers, to follow suit, even if it's only US$10 or US$25. . .

oh, and of course, good luck to jacques. if he can get a good blend and improve the consistent quality of his stuff, i'm all happy!

finally, my new black yoga mat from manduka has arrived! after years of praticing yoga 5 or 6 days a week, i finally wore down a spot in my black transformer mat from bheka.

you can just step back and see the surface wear from my down dogs. i may donate this mat to yoga people for extra-tall people to use in introductory classes.

the spots probably won't bother them since they have different body proportions and it will help give them a better experience in their first yoga class. honestly i don't know how the 6-foot-plus people can stand to be constantly stepping off a standard yoga mat during practice!

alas, bheka no longer carries these great black mats so i had to order from peter at manduka. peter was great -- answered all my questions, shipped on time.

now all i have to do is wash my new mat a couple of times and start breaking it in. . . a journey in itself.

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