Sunday, December 26, 2004

alack & apamate

alas and alack indeed. my little snuffle seems to be an actual rhinovirus.

thus i spent time today consoling myself with a bar of el rey apamate 73.5%, drinking an americano, listening to kronos quartet play peteris vasks, and translating an italian sonnet version of a lovely latin epitah by orazio found in a gorgeous book mr. right gave me for the holidays about one of my favorite places on earth, livia's garden, a most beautiful fresco that fills an entire room in the palazzo massimo alle terme.

no pizza making or yoga for me today, i fear! we also watched the extended version of lord of the rings, part iii, return of the king. i must say, i prefer most of the scenes they took out of the theatrical release to many of the ones they left in.

not everyone likes this long version, and it is loooong -- tho' not quite berlin alexanderplatz, true (use bugmenot) -- but i woulda lost some of the sappy stuff they left in for much of what they left out.

maybe this is just because i think the most fascinating character is christopher lee as saruman. . .poets being of the devil's party and all that.

now forgive me while i return to the last stanza, so beautiful, where the departed reflects on the world, something like:

"all that is dear in mortal life have i completely seen
and all these things i leave to you
for i went by them all myself in youth
save for the jeweled fruit i picked, each one.

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