Tuesday, December 21, 2004

friends, family, ardent groupies. . .

since this email came to me with the explicit instruction to forward to all "friends and family," i'm passing it onto you all, dear readers. while we may not be that close to dr. illy, we coffee lovers are to a fault ardent admirers.

how could we not be? after all it was dr. illy who said:

"we are going into the future and it is the consumer who is in charge of the future. if what we do is not in line with what he requires, it is not right.

"for many years now, research has been focussed on resistance and yield. the priority for quality is lost. my message is to make quality the number one priority again."

read it all yourself. not to mention he quotes petrarch beautifully.

with that in mind, you can all finish up any last minute shopping you may have at illy online only with the 25% off discount code 200425DT.

enter this into the promotion code box at checkout. it will work through december 31, supposedly.

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