Monday, December 27, 2004

regional coffee culture, part xxviii

"but with 2005 only days away, starbucks' austrian empire stands at just eight stores in and around vienna. that's down from 10 -- two didn't make it, including one at a high-profile spot by the naschmarkt, vienna's beloved central outdoor market.

the perceived travails of what one newspaper called the 'u.s. paper-cup store' have inspired no small amount of schadenfreude.

'we don't want to burst out in unrestrained coffeehouse chauvinism here,' said a recent commentary in the daily die presse. 'but a little satisfaction that not every standardized global chain can just take over the naschmarkt is allowed.'"

yes, regional coffee culture the world around is alive and thriving. the viennese prefer traditional-style coffee in china cups, and as this story makes clear (use bugmenot), that's not going away anytime soon.

in other news -- before this cold kills me completely! -- i have to offer jim p. of 1st-line a giant bccy thank you for offering a really nice drip coffee machine for the door prizes at the jan. 12 2005 nyc gig at juan valdez.

along with promised coffee and gift certificate donations, attendees at this event will have a chance at some cool stuff!

finally, i know many of you, dear readers, must be wondering if the tragic catastrophe in sumatra and east asia will affect coffee prices. the answer: probably not.

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