Saturday, December 04, 2004

sudden death

diaster is when you have promised loaves of j. hamelman's challah to various people, which has to be made up the night before, only to have blanche -- the beloved kitchenaid stand mixer -- die again mid-stir.

saint hamelman's 3 loaves worth of challah dough is stiff, but not that tough! blanche has confronted worse and survived; this shouldn't have been cause for her electrical mahasamadhi!

what's dispiriting is that i just had her fixed this august for US$125. another similar repair would put me near the cost of a brand new one.

kitchenaid appliances once lasted a lifetime. . .what's happened here? altho' the repair warranty has expired, mr. right might call 'em up and try to, as the godfather says, "reason" with them.

otherwise, i think i'm looking at purchasing an electrolux magic mill. (can you make cakes and cookies in this thing or is it only for bread?) in the end, i had to drag out the kitchenaid hand mixer to finish up the dough.

but of course the hand mixer doesn't having blanche's oommph, so i have no idea how this 6-egg-yolk challah is going to come out.

you found me near midnight with flour in my hair and yeast on the floor. it was ugly. ugly.

as it is i have to get up in the middle of the night and fold this dough. . . .

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