Monday, December 20, 2004

who'd a thunk it: men like chocolate too?

"mr. valette - who is also a director of scharffen berger - underscores that the heightened interest in chocolate has clearly put it in the same category as fine wine or fancy coffee."

well mr. v, your observation is only about 5 years behind the trend here, of which if i may modestly say so, we here at bccy were early adopters, along with our pal clay at chocophile.

but for those who argue that i'm just too girly and neglect male interests, i'm linking to this piece in yesterday's ny times (use bugmenot), whereby the now-painted lady notes that men tend to be "hyperinterested" in how things are made.

gosh, ny times editors, guys are usually more process-oriented than women? do i have a book for you! i figure you're finally on to the bridge trick. . .

the coffee-and-wine bar isn't a new idea, as long-time bccy pal mike ferguson of the scaa notes. indeed, the 18th cent. coffeehouses usually offered wine and sometimes beer too along with the coffee.

considering the many different clientele that move through a coffeehouse during the day, however, it probably isn't right for most locations. many retailers i know rely on after-school teens to pick up lattes, and mid-morning moms on the way to and from play dates to fill out the day between the morning, lunch, and after-work rushes.

both of these groups would most likely be lost when the wine bar is installed. . .but upscale singles might come in more after work if the music is changed along with the wine offerings. i'm continually surprised at how important music is in retailing of all kinds.

and finally, a huge bccy thank-you to jessica at batdorf. she sent the usual box of delicious dancing goat a tad early this week.

how did she know we used up the last of mr. right's favorite espresso this morning? i swear she has e.s.p.

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