Tuesday, January 25, 2005

buy those plane tickets now

yup, it's convention time again -- already. scaa 2005 in seattle is nearly here!

thank goodness this year the press release mentions us c-members. if you're not a c-member yet, you can join now, or on-site in seattle.

we c-members have our own series of exciting events:


9-10:15am: "Descriptive Cupping: Tasting Terminology" with Paul Songer.

10:45-noon: "Coffee and Philanthropy: How Your Cup Heals Those in Need" with Bill Fishbein of Coffee Kids, Rick Peyser of Green Mountain and Karen Gordon of Cup for Education.

1:30-2:45pm: "In the Beginning: The Early Days of Espresso in Seattle" with Fergy Ferguson of Fergy's Espresso and Mauro Cipolla of Caffe D'arte.


9-10:15am: "The Art of the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony" with consultant Willem Boot and Tadesse Meskela, an Ethiopian farmer.

10:45-noon: "Coffee Tasting with Ken Davids"

1:30-2:45pm: "Zen Coffee Meditation" with Rev. Frank Jude Boccio and a Korean Zen Master.

5-6:00pm: c-Member Reception. Location to be announced.


11-12:30pm: Guided tour of the Exhibit Floor with Barry Jarrett.


1-4:00pm: "Tours of Famous Seattle Coffee Houses." US$25 extra.

Connoisseur/cMember registration will be US$60.

and finally, another reason to make your coffee drinks at home:

"for instance, when you're drinking that starbucks frappuccino, you're drinking three cheeseburgers worth of calories."

ouch! a 6 oz. home-made cappuccino with skim milk: 2 oz. espresso coffee, 0 calories; 2 oz. skim milk (foaming it makes 3 oz.), 22 calories (86 in 8 oz., divide by 4); splenda, or 1 oz. flavored davinci syrup with splenda, 0 calories.

frappuccino: 770 calories, 19 g. fat; home-made cappuccino: 22 calories, 0.1 g. fat. end of story!

but no, let's say you decide to go hog wild! let's say you want a 12 oz. home-made latte: 2 or 3 oz. espresso (with that much milk you might want more coffee), still 0 calories; 1 or 2 oz. davinci syrup (with that much milk you might want more syrup), still 0 calories; 5 oz. skim milk (about 8 or 9 oz. when foamed), 55 calories, 0.25 g. fat.

you could have 14(!!!) home-made 12 oz. lattes for those 770 calories! and yet still only get 3.5 g. fat.

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