Sunday, January 09, 2005

a clear and present danger

the new year always brings out new yoga students, which is a good thing. but why o why do they always seem to insist on practicing right next to me?

yes, today saw me knocked forwards as an arrogant newbie guy decided he would try to hop up into tripod headstand from prasarita padottanasana. why do people in their second class decide to try these moves?

naturally, he had no idea what he was doing, and just tossed himself into the air. but since he didn't know how to pick his feet up off the mat, he ended up doing a very ugly forward flip over his neck(!) with his feet landing full force right where my leg meets my rear.

naturally i was also bent over and went tumbling forward, with my leg where he hit it making an interesting popping noise, similar to that at thanksgiving you twist the turkey leg out of its joint. ouch!

to make matters worse, i got a real beavis & butthead kind of apology. "heh heh," he mumbled, "sorry, man."

hey guy, i wanted to snap, could you go threaten lives elsewhere? but actually, the responsibility here lies with the teacher.

when teachers see people like this in class, they need to rush over and offer assistance as well as explaining that these fancy tricks not are good things to do when you're an ultra-beginner. . . .

thus, i limped home and broke out the tylenol and the china gel. i think i'm going to be taking lunges, warriors, and side extended angles easy for a couple of weeks!

i just had to let it go, and limp home with a bruise at the top of my hamstring.

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