Tuesday, January 11, 2005

clearing customs


and what has just come to me? but david's atomic coffee from new zealand!

albeit wrapped in wacky u.s. customs stuff and also packed to endure the rigors of dhl, this coffee smells so sweet and delicious everyone commented upon it.

what do i have? 200 grams of the "essenza organic," roast dated just 3 days ago, and the same amount of the "veloce" blend.

i believe -- correct me if i'm wrong here -- that the veloce is what emma markland-webster used in the world barista championship in 2002, where as you can see she placed fifth, soundly kicking the u.s.a. contender's rear.

but enough ancient history -- what does david have to say about his coffees? ok:

"Our blends are all-arabica. And virtually all is used in espresso. It is unusual to see a drip machine in a cafe [in New Zealand].

Many of the NZ espresso blends I find a bit acidic, but our main espreso blend 'Veloce' I deliberately designed as a full-body, lower-acidity espresso."

wow. i wish i could describe how this coffee smells, or the intensity with which it fills the room. . . .i'm drinking this one tomorrow, you bet.

"essenza" here i come! thanks very much david!

i don't think anyone in new york has ever had this prize-winning, barista-champ, international-quality coffee. ever.

i can't wait. really.

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