Friday, January 28, 2005

the doma americano

i awoke this morning with the full intention of making terry's doma espresso as both a cappuccino and a plain triple. which would have been exciting because he sent no particular instructions that i could see on temperature, etc.

but i have to say i love the nice big roast date stamped right on the paper bag. i received this coffee at 9 days old, which i would normally think was skating towards social security for espresso, but hey, the stockfleth has broadened my horizons on this one.

however i'm not ready to go so far as peter lynaugh of terroir and proclaim that roasted coffee freshness is "tertiary." anyway, i awoke this morning, bounded into the kitchen and discovered a decided lack of milk.

thus i chose to be a good person and leave the milk for mr. right's cereal. (just another reason one should always have a spare box of the wacky vac-pac uht milk.)

so i made do with a 30-second pull of the doma as an americano. i'll talk more about it when i've had time to experiment a tad.

and i will drink the harrar tomorrow afternoon, oh yeah! playing with all these lovely coffees people have so sweetly sent me has kept me from jimmy's blog recently, which was a loss, as i was thus slow to discover the report of his jan. 26 visit to reg barber.

i've had a reg for years, a flat one -- but reading jimmy's piece makes me want to get a curved one for carlos expobar. . .and i liked seeing the big box of tamper handles bearing the logo of long-time bccy pal doug zell of intelligentsia, famed for the black cat espresso blend.

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