Tuesday, January 11, 2005

drinking chocolate & don't forget tomorrow

today the mermaid launches her new drinking chocolate product. i won't say "hot chocolate," because everyone then thinks "swiss miss cocoa."

this is a full chocolate, ground and melted in a dairy-type base, along the lines of what you see classically in famed parisian teahouse angelina (the so-called "l'africain") or at the bar rivoire in florence.

but of course adapted for a quik-serv situation and with american tastes in mind. at angelina's this drink is said to be valrhona manjari melted in what we americans might call "light cream" and slowly stirred until it evaporates to serious thickness, almost like a drinkable pot de crème au chocolat. . .

and please, don't forget tomorrow's coffee event at juan valdez! it's true it may rain a bit, but don't be shy: please r.s.v.p. and bring your umbrella!

the door prizes seem set to include: the floor model capresso coffeetec, possibly a bodum caftiére; (a.k.a. french press), a set of 4 demitasse cups, and lots of fresh coffees, most whole bean.

it looks like we will have quite a mix of people: a couple of scaa consumer members; several pro baristi; maybe a roaster/retailer; and a lot of people who are just interested in coffee and brand-new to the group.

so no matter who you are, you won't be alone. please feel free to drop on by!

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