Sunday, January 02, 2005

no, thank you!

sometimes you forget that few things on the internet ever die. they are just archived somewhere, and the right combination of search terms can unearth them.

thus i was really surprised to receive a nice note from ron in newport beach about one of the first recipes i posted on the predecessor to bccy -- the famed rustic apple tart. hey ron, i'm glad you like it, and i'm thrilled you still make it.

so you shouldn't thank me, i should thank you for keeping that fun and very easy recipe alive.

alas i used to make it often but mr. right is not particularly fond of apples. . .one of the great things about living in new york is that the farmers market used to have really cute upstate heirloom apples.

now so many of the upstate orchards seem to have been sold for chi-chi celebrity country homes (i understand those poor suffering people need a fourth home: when manhattan is too confining, the hamptons are filled with horrible social climbers who don't seem to understand how declassé it is to actually winter there, st. barths gets too insular, of course they need to retreat to their former apple orchard and cashmere lap throws to feel homey. . .) -- i'm not seeing the same variety of apples in my local greenmarket like i did 5 years ago.

wow, when did i get so cranky?

what i'm trying to say is that i used to make that recipe with northern spys because they cooked well and were juicy. if you put down a little flour, the juice wouldn't ruin the crust, but would bake and carmelize nicely, mixing with the sugar spread on the top.

plus, they actually tasted like apples, always a good thing.

and let's wish long-time bccy pal mary beth g. at orientation good luck with her second batch of sourdough bread! it appears to be rising even as you read this. . .

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