Sunday, January 30, 2005


wanna see me throw myself on the floor and weep? this article had me sobbing into the floorboards.

this eat-n-run "lifestyle" is what is making so many people dangerously obese. seriously. it's killing us.

it also removes pleasure from our lives: the pleasure of a great, fresh cup of cofffee, the pleasure of sharing that with friends and family. in what sense could it be called a lifestyle really, since in the end it strips anything of value in style and substance from our lives?

it would be more accurately called a "deathstyle." and on a practical level, i just don't see the need for this new product. . . these low-quality "convenience" products just rip us off. . .in terms of money, coffee experience, and yes, time!

because making coffee takes no more than 30 seconds in a home espresso machine anyway. but this microwave stuff above -- why do i just somehow know it's not made with specialty quality beans? -- makes me wonder if maybe there shouldn't be a slow food category for coffee!

in pursuit of my own fabulous morning cup, we here at bccy began the day with our usual cappuccino of batdorf's dancing goat. our weekend cappuccino is just a great time for me and mr. right to spend connecting, a pleasant way to start in the morning in the context of home, you know?

after doing a bit of shopping in the day, i returned before yoga determined to finally get a cafetiére (a.k.a. french press) of the doma organic ethiopian harrar made before the coffee fossilized.

working with the doma has really re-emphasized for me the importance of coffee freshness. by 12-14 days after roasting, the coffee just isn't what it once was.

the great flavors have left and at best you get flat, cardboard-y type flavors -- sometimes you get strange off-tastes appearing too.

this harrar should have had a great body, blueberry tones, and a dark cocoa finish. but alas, all of that but the body and cocoa had fled.

and the great aroma was gone too. i will have to talk to terry about trying to get some fresh harrar, because i know he is an artisan roaster.

i just can't talk about this coffee; its age would make it unfair. . .

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