Thursday, January 27, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxviiii

"drinking coffee has caught on among the young in major chinese cities nowadays."

when will china soon join japan as a "formerly tea-drinking nation"? not if, only when. . .

i know many people are still surprised to learn that japan is the world's third largest coffee importer. for the third time, allow me to pretentiously quote myself: one world under specialty coffee's passionate sway!

back on my own little island off the coast of the united states, i'm still enjoying the stockfleth's from yesterday. i drank another cappuccino of it this morning, but alas didn't have time to try it as an americano.

i swear i'll get to this tomorrow. in the meantime, we can all enjoy dougie's pix from his visit to origin.

he looks esp. zen-like raking the coffee on the patio into perfect rows, doesn't he?

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