Thursday, January 27, 2005

stockfleth, the americano

as long-time readers know, every thursday is my private yoga lesson with the famed viniyoga teacher and former pro skater carl "upside down" horowitz. usually after laughing our tails off being, well, upside down, we enjoy a square of artisanal chocolate.

carl's quite fond of slitti's utter heroin, the renowned lattenero. but today was so bitterly cold that carl asked for a cup of coffee.

oh boy can i do! carl had never had an americano, so that was that -- i whipped out the stockfleths and we went to oslo.

it was amazing how carl, who is at best a casual coffee drinker, instantly attained coffee enlightenment. "this is the best cup of coffee i've ever had," he said slowly.

there's a certain look that people get when they have a truly great cup of coffee for the first time. dear readers, you all know it; i don't have to explain.

carl had that look. "so, hey, guy," i asked as quietly as possible, "tell me what you think."

"it's bold and smooth," he said without hesitation. "it's rich but not bitter."

carl takes his coffee with light cream, no sugar. i pulled him a near-2-oz. double in 30 seconds, and added 4 oz. of water.

the crema eddied gently on top of the java as carl poured in his cream. i made myself a cup o' the same.

tim's blend of course loses some of its intense and subtle flavors as an americano. but it's still a coffee that anyone could love.

and i do. to make the day perfect, terry's doma (yeah, i know: flash required) coffee arrived; he sent me his espresso in both regular and organic, plus an ethiopian harrar.

for a change, i might make the harrar for breakfast tomorrow. i am, as everyone knows, so terribly fond of harrar. . .

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