Monday, January 31, 2005

way to go, caribou

a big bccy salute goes to caribou coffee for donating US$106,000 to the coffee kids sumatra relief fund. i've been encouraging you, dear readers, to contribute to it as well.

since even areas not harmed by the water have experienced problems from the earthquake/tsunami disaster -- such as collapsed bridges, destroyed roads -- people lack food; of course in banda aceh itself there are many homeless. also, many inland people have relatives and children who attended school or worked in tsunami-stricken areas.

so there's no doubt that all of aceh has been affected by the catastrophe. thus i urge you, if you haven't yet, to offer a donation to the coffee kids sumatra fund, or to buy relief coffees, such as peter g's counterculture aceh relief coffee.

and while this is a fascinating piece of chocolate research, i do have to ask: why would anyone want to dampen their chocolate cravings? wouldn't it be more easier and more pleasant just to have a small square of chocolate than listen to the static on tv?

there's nothing wrong with eating say, a small 1/3 oz. (9 g.) square of dark chocolate once in a while, after all! even one square a day would hardly be a danger to anyone's diet, seeing it's only about 50 calories!

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