Wednesday, February 16, 2005

april weather & milk foam

naturally as a long-time harold mcgee fan, i was very interested in this article (use bugmenot), which at the end explains not only how to foam milk for coffee without a steam wand or device, but also show that harold's being playing with ted lingle's scaa flavor wheel!

however, i have to say that the milk foaming instructions give me a little pause. i haven't tried this method yet myself -- since i create my microfoam with silvia or carlos expobar -- but it seems as if it would give you the less-desirable "stiff" foam, not the silky-soft pourable "italian-style" foam suitable for latte art.

but the method of just shaking milk in a jar for a minute until it doubles in volume and then microwaving it for 30 seconds to heat it seems simple enough for anyone to try. in fact, let's all try it and tell me in the comments below how it works out for you!

this morning i jumped out of bed, looking forward to another day of this warm late-april weather we're having. it's unseasonable, but who cares?

and i really enjoyed my morning cafetiére (a.k.a. press pot) of gillies organic sumatra. it's a lot different than don schoenholt's usual sumatra lintong, the grade 1, triple-pick, japanese preparation "kuda mas."

gillies certified organic and fair trade sumatra tankengon gayo imported by forestrade has the thick, gelatinous body you'd expect, but lacks the light tobacco-y aromas of the kuda mas. instead, it seems more floral, with a hint of earth, while retaining the allspice flavor you'd expect in a nice sumatra.

in fact, when the coffee cooled a bit, i thought there was even a tiny hint of brightness!

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