Monday, February 14, 2005

caoba & yoga stays mainstream

happy valentine's day! you may all send me dark chocolate. thank you.

but seriously, since mr. right prefers milk chocolate, i gave him a bar of el rey caoba, 41% milk chocolate. this bar also proved popular at blogger, when i sent a box to google a while ago. (how ya doing, eric?)

in other news, i was beginnng to look forward to the end of the yoga "fad" so we could all practice with more seriousness. but maybe it's best that the trend continues a bit, after all.

time magazine's current article on tumi's forthcoming yoga bags -- isn't everyone always looking for a better yoga bag? -- shows there's life in this yoga thing yet.

but then again, this u.k. yoga-based reality gross-out show seems to herald that surely the whole rage is about to collapse from its own silliness. . .these extreme techniques described by the article really aren't appropriate today, unless you intend to go back in time to become a medieval hindu ascetic. . .

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