Thursday, February 10, 2005

coffee creates peace

"[coffee farmer] j.j. keki told the crowd that he hopes to become a member of uganda's parliament in 2006. he said his primary support came from muslims and christians who once wanted to kill him and whom he had once hated."

this is such an inspiring tale during these times. "where coffee is served there is grace and splendor, friendship and happiness."

and a big bccy than you to all of you who came out to the nyc coffee meetup last night for the coffee tasting. last time, norman v. won the big door prize, the capresso coffeetec; this time, gary s. took home the melitta clarity.

at the tasting we had on offer: oren's costa rica "la minita"; don schoenholt's gillies yemen mocha sanani and sumatra lintong "kuda mas"; oren's kenya aa kiandu; oren's ethiopian harrar longberry; steve colten of atlantic's ethiopian yrg; colten's kenya aa kirinyaga and a more general kenya blend; among others; and the juan valdez rare colombian maragogype.

so thank you to all of our coffee supporters! if you liked the coffees we tasted at the meetup, you know where and how to get 'em, with the exception of colten's coffees, which are not available retail but were special gifts from the green community to the scaa consumer member program.

in general, we quickly ran thru the scaa flavor wheel (what do all those words mean?), introduced people to the great linglese, and then just had 'em toss out their flavor impressions. it was fantastic.

as clare said, "i had no idea there were all these flavors in coffee!" after the first meetup, she ditched her whirly-blade and bought a better grinder and a new brewer.

now we've got her drinking fresh whole-bean coffee and given her a little help in articulating her new coffee experience. the rest will be coffee history. . .

for our march meetup, i'm looking into the feasibility of holding a hands-on espresso workshop. will update you all on this shortly.

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