Sunday, February 20, 2005

coffee tycoon

this is defnitely the computer game for me! in coffee tycoon you too can practice world domination à la the mermaid.

but actually i'd personally rather have a sweet, small deal like oren myself. if i have my dates right, o is actually in africa, judging a coffee competition right now.

we'll be sure to get the news on that first thing. sunday here at bccy went as usual: morning cappucini with batdorf dancing goat, pizza later.

i have switched olive oils briefly for brushing on the pizza. when i used to live in paris -- many years ago, during the so-called cohabitation of mitterand and chirac -- i was on the ile de st. louis, at 14 rue le regrattier, and not too far from berthillon. also not far from the olive oil store, à l'olivier.

(ironically, i have never since lived in the luxury i had when i was young and poor, in the best real estate in paris, half a shout from madame pompidou, altho' i never did get to accompany her to her seat on the front row along the chanel catwalk. i'm not sure how that worked out for me. . .)

for the first time in ages i saw their delicious oil for sale in its charming stoneware bottle, sealed with the trademark red wax. yes, i was young and poor and we lived on the stuff, which we used to cook everything in elizabeth david's french book.

ah! memories of youth. i had to buy it, altho' the value of the euro made the price much much steeper than i remember. . . .

and i attended my usual yoga class with mary beth. it was interesting as i saw the old teacher's husband, michael hewett, on the subway. he was on his way to do his sanskrit homework for geshe-la's class on the 3rd pada, or chapter, of patanjali's yoga sutras.

another nice memory -- i used to love it when he subbed; michael really is a very sweet person and an excellent yoga teacher. not to mention that guitar thing he's got going. . .

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