Monday, February 07, 2005

farewell, thomsons

e'en tho' i've never been there, let me bow my head to mark the decision to close a glasgow treasure, the city's landmark coffee shop, open since 1841.

independent coffeehouses of this type are community gems, and their loss is a blow to the history of any town. thomsons, farewell.

even tho' the family will continue to sell coffee at its roastery and online, so many memories will be lost.

but let's give a big bccy round of applause to long-time pal, scaa consumer member, and altie, jim schulman, for his great mention in time magazine's new piece on home roasting. way to go, jim!

devoted readers may recall that jim filled in for me here while i was in venice last year. and i've written about his astonishingly high-quality home roast here and here as well.

since jim knows more about coffee than many in the business, that the national press has finally discovered him is a very good thing for coffee lovers! finally we might start reading more articles about coffee that accurately reflect our point of view.

and before i forget: it looks like the door prize for the scaa nyc feb. 9 coffee meetup and basic origin tasting could be a melitta "clarity" drip brewer. these are very well-regarded machines and no one really understands why melitta stopped making them for those dopey pod things!

r.s.v.p., show up on wed., and this baby could be yours. . .

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