Thursday, February 03, 2005

feb. 9 coffee meetup

i've spent some time over the past few days trying to round up coffees for the upcoming nyc coffee meetup event. this isn't a formal cupping, just a basic tasting of a few origins.

i'm exploring what's available and really good right now. i had originally hoped for some la minita, a great kenya aa nyeri, a yummy yemen mattari or ismaili, a superior sumatra lintong, and an ethiopian harrar. mary petitt of juan valdez has offered her rare colombian maragogype.

but i may do some substitution: maybe the guatemala antigua la tacita in place of the minita, for example, depending the situation. 6 coffees may be too many, too overwhelming; 4 might be better.

i hope to have this all sorted out by friday. in the meantime, i hope you're all planning to make it!

if you're at all interested in coming -- and i do wish george howell or peter from terroir could come and speak! -- please r.s.v.p. at the meetup site. this is crucial becasue i have to know how much coffee to get, how much to brew, how much space to set up for the tasting, etc.

right now only 12 people have r.s.v.p.'d, which is a tad disappointing after the nice turnout we had in january. i'm hoping people are just procrastinating a little bit here. . .

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