Saturday, February 19, 2005

malabar pepper and decaf sumatra

yes i know it's hard: but i am often asked to recommend or at least talk about decaf by you, dear readers. and so today i made up a pot of gillies decaf sumatra, swiss water method.

it comes in a spiffy blue package reminiscent of. . .water. i'll have something to say about this so please stay tuned.

i made it up in the cafetiére only to discover that my beloved salter electronic kitchen scale suddenly went into negative mode. that is, the more coffee i added, the lower the numbers went!

hmm. new battery or new scale? will figure this one out later.

but in running off to my hair appointment i did get to stop by the fabulous kalustyan's for spices. i bought 4 kinds of ground chile (for my famous cerro gordo turkey chile, which was posted here long long ago and like most of the early posts were forever lost in an early tragic blogger server crash) and also some malabar black pepper.

this meant i could as well pick up mr. right one his favorite sweets: rasmali.

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