Sunday, February 13, 2005

nyc = chocolate heaven

lemme put this article in the "i've been telling you this for 5 years now" category. new york is chocolate central.

this was so clear to me last tuesday as i was strolling up lower broadway in the sunshine clutching still-warm ethiopian harrar to my chest while munching on a white chocolate and cappuccino buttercream bonbon. but seriously, that vosges olive-oil candy? no thanks.

it's a just a day for old bccy pals
matt and alison of the chocolate bar, as they are mentioned also today in ny times
. remember the party at spa they threw when they opened?

we rather went our separate ways when they started serving illy podwater, but i understand they are now serving other bccy friends, gimme coffee. so that's all good!

and finally, since juan valdez is nice enough to hold my nyc coffee meetup, let me congratulate them on their coming new store in times square.

as i was making mr. right his usual batdorf dancing goat latte this morning, i noticed the coffee had a stronger berry note than usual. yummy: berries and walnuts!

that's a great way to start to your morning. thank you as always, jessica!

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