Tuesday, February 08, 2005

plight of the pod people

"The poor quality of the newly introduced homeowner pod systems is another concern. Skeptics wonder if the negative reviews that have met the homeowner pod systems from Melitta, Black & Decker and Philips portend experiences with commercial pod systems.

These homeowner systems have encountered the following issues: 1) Inconsistent reliability of machine construction, 2) Inconsistent brewing temperature, 3) Inconsistent coffee volume, and 4) Messiness resulting from damp pods not being removed immediately from the brewer."

if you were thinking about becoming a "pod person" -- stop! this article tells you why pod machines could be great for the office and incidentally highlights why they suck at home.

but the article forgets point 5: overall, home pod coffee tastes terrible. it's weak and stale.

fresh whole beans freshly ground is the only way to go if you care about great tasting coffee, no matter whether you have a drip brewer, an electric vac pot, an espresso machine, a french press, or a stovetop italian moka pot.

another thing i like about this article is that it quotes long-time bccy pal, chris n. of chris coffee. yay!

many scaa consumer members have purchased high-end espresso machine for home from him. he's a good guy!

finally, don't forget to r.s.v.p. for the meetup tomorrow!

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