Friday, February 11, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxii

"when chris and jenny wood sold their camberwell pasta restaurant three years ago, they could scarcely have imagined a future training tibetan monks in the art of making the perfect latte."

buddhist monks love coffee (if you need it, use bugmenot). it's a subject fit for mindful meditation, as anyone who attended the zen coffee meditation last year at the scaa conference in atlanta can attest.

didn't make it? by popular demand, we're holding it again this year in seattle.

conference is such a crazy, busy, stressful place that the meditation is just a great place to sit down for 20 mins. and enjoy a well-made cup of coffee. many people complain that the 24/7 insanity of conference means no one has time to brew a really great cup there.

not so! i make all the coffee for the meditation myself, taking the greatest pains possible.

but if you can't make conference, you too can join the gyuto monks in the perfect latte. . . at home. and you can read master shantideva on the art of becoming a (coffee) bodhisattva at the same time!

espresso machines make great last-minute valentine's gifts. spend that expected tax refund in advance!

and speaking of valentine's day, that's naturally chocolate par excellence. here's a great article on warming the cockles of your beloved's heart with fantastic hot cocoa!

long-time readers know that i favor valrhona or droste cocoa myself. especially the valrhona!

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