Saturday, February 12, 2005

valentines day approaches ever faster

i don't want to bum you out, but i have to keep up on this. .. . long-time readers may recall that i often wrote about the issue of child slave labor in the chocolate industry.

after much outcry, the global chocolate community promised to take a few measures by july 2005. but now it looks as if they are lagging and won't fulfill their promises (use bugmenot, if asked).

don't be surprised to hear more about this issue soon. however, let's focus on the positive today, shall we?

i very much like this piece offering advice on how to choose quality chocolate for your valentine. freshness is key to my mind, along with high-quality ingredients and artisan manufacturing.

i know many people on a budget are surprised that i recommend chocolates that cost upwards of US$40 a pound. if you're pinching pennies, i often suggest making donnelly's truffles.

however many people tell me that working with chocolate intimidates them. so i recommend my brownie recipe.

inexpensive, fudgy, and easy to make (only 15 minutes, plus 25 baking time!), they will prove popular with your sweetheart and since you made them yourself, you appear extra-ultra-thoughtful.

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