Wednesday, February 23, 2005

weeping, weeping, weeping, part ii

". . .did the 'love potion latte' cast a deep spell or fail to reach rose's heart? the delicious concoction didn't quite capture the food reporter's heart or sweet tooth. the white chocolate and raspberry flavorings mingled with espresso and a few other ingredients were tasty enough to satisfy her tastebuds, but she felt it was a little bitter and could have been a little sweeter, more gooey or decadent . . . "

please, someone, hand me a cyberhanky and help me up off the floor. the food reporter downgraded the shop's specialty coffee drink because -- drumroll -- it tasted like coffee!

it wasn't completely a hot super-sweet milkshake! imagine: an espresso drink that tastes like espresso. . .

would this reporter likewise downgrade the iron horse because it might recognizably taste like it came from, well, fruit? once again you see why i believe "food reporters" know nothing about coffee.

this only strengthens my resolve to go about and educate people on proper coffee tasting and appreciation. one could devote one's life to teaching ted lingle's scaa flavor wheel and the nez du café.

when i win the lottery, that's what i will do! and maybe next year at conference i will propose that ted lingle and i hold a coffee-tasting-wheel session for the press that normally cover the show.

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