Monday, March 14, 2005

girlz r00l!

of course it doesn't take long reading this article about phuong tran's victory in the usbc to ask yourself: "why lately have the usbc winners all been female?"

heather perry, bronwen serna, now phuong.

it's just another example of why i so often say that specialty coffee is the best industry for women; we are in the top echelon of the specialty world in all areas: retailing (colleen of santa cruz, linda smithers of susan's, etc.), green buying (erna knutsen of knutsen coffee, karen ceberos of elan), cupping (lindsay bolger of green mountain), roasting (trish of taylormaid), producing (maireya jones of finca dos marias), and management (mary petitt of juan valdez), etc.

sometimes memory plays tricks on you, you know? and i was prepared for that today when i made my morning cappuccino with mark's taylormaid espresso a-go-go.

but guess what? i wasn't fooled -- this blend has to be the best dark "west coast" style espresso ever. . .

i second that emotion! highly recommended. why is this fantastic coffee so little known?

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