Sunday, March 06, 2005

hello ruby blue

i know, i know. it sounds like it could be a rolling stones song, right?

but actually it's terry's incredible espresso that i just fell in love with this morning.

so before i made up a batch of pizza sauce for this evening, i naturally had to play with the doma "ruby's organic espresso."

as terry says, "you can rejoice about helping the environment without wearing hemp," which is a good thing, since i'm a blumarine girl, personally!

it's the usual great linglese and scaa flavor wheel again. . .

i believe this is actually a mélange, the different coffees roasted separately and then blended together; some of the beans are 1/4 covered in oil, the rest are dry and seem about the same full-city-ish color as yesterday's vito.

i have to say that to my mind this coffee is just in a category by itself -- so different than the vito. whereas the vito had a tea-rose fragrance, this has more a softer and yet just as vivid floral feeling -- if it were a perfume, i'd say "white flowers."

terry describes this coffee as having a "subtle blueberry note." let me say it's about as subtle as a brick in a sock; it has a big, bold juicy blueberry aroma that i immediately found completely addictive.

i wanted to sprinkle it on my oatmeal, that's how strongly blue-fruited it was. and a powerful vanilla-syrup scent too.

i had it as an espresso, which was good; as a cappuccino, the milk reduced the blueberry sensation, which is a waste to my mind.

in fact, i prefer this as an americano, because i believe it's the espresso drink that most strongly capitalizes on the blueberry.

however i suppose if i were a purist, i might say that to use what's obviously such gorgeous blue accent in espresso is a waste, and it would be best to drink an elegant blue-singing coffee like this as a single-origin in a vac pot.

i am a purist! and yet, i still adore the "ruby blue" espresso. i'm making americanos with this baby until the bag runs out.

and no, you can't have any.

i must have hit the sweet spot, because at 5 days old, ms. ruby blue came bursting out of my single-spout in large honey-colored spheres to puddle in a dream liquid with a creamy supple body.

order your own pound. terry says it's good at 196 degrees f, and "solid" at 201-202.

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