Friday, March 25, 2005

in which i escape. . .

and return to my small island off the coast of the united states. never has a gray day at j.f.k. filled with traffic looked so pleasant.

i could have hugged my sikh driver hard enough to dislodge his turban. we crawled down the highway, past engine 324, past lefrak city, through red hook, up atlantic avenue past the promenade. . .

heaven was making it home in time to whip up a batch of killer brownies before it was time for the avengers on bbc america, the only network worth watching lately!

and at last, real coffee tomorrow -- buongiorno, ms. silvia! como sta, carlos expobar!

how in heaven's name will i survive going to seattle for conference? all you fellow coffee lovers from da ci-tay had better meet me there or else i just might die for lack of a solid and sympathetic noo yawk posse. . .

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