Wednesday, March 16, 2005

of baseball and camel milk

yoga's so popular now i guess i shouldn't be surprised at all anymore when more pros take it up. still, the entire padres team, en masse! seemed like a noteworthy moment to me.

it's even trickled down to the college varsity level.

in a bit of amusing chocolate news, i was deeply interested to read of the new middle-eastern company set up to make camel milk chocolate. since whole camel's milk apparently averages about a 4% fat content (close to whole cow's milk), i don't see why not; however the "sharp" taste it's said to have might be a tad odd in candy!

however, other reports confirms that this camel milk thing looks like an emerging trend, saying that camel milk actually tastes sweeter than cow's milk! anyone travelling to dubai care to check this stuff out and report back?

but that doesn't seem nearly as odd to me as this recipe for a bittersweet guinness stout chocolate cake!

and finally, here's a seminar i would love to take: matching wines with chocolates. . .

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