Monday, March 28, 2005

our prayers

naturally i was completely shocked and saddened to hear of today's aftershock in indonesia. all we can do is pray for the safety of all people there, and hope for blessings to those families who have lost loved ones in today's tragedy.

but in one sense, that's not true. we can also remember that coffee kids' sumatra relief fund is still accepting donations, and we can offer another contribution.

if there is to be -- heaven forfend -- another tsunami, it may not hit thailand and beyond for still an hour or more, but so far it appears that these shocks have not generated a deadly tsunami. if you have good karma to spare, send it that way by whatever means you may personally believe in!

with this concern in mind, i do however want to point out the continuance of a trend that's been going on for about a year now: the popularity of the espresso cocktail.

most popular appear to be concotions with vodka, kahlua, dark crème de cacao, dark rum, and nut-flavored liqueurs or syrups. a full list of popular recipes can be found from susan at coffee martinis.

(that she's donating part of her profits to coffee kids makes this a most excellent venture, to my mind!)

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