Saturday, March 26, 2005

pity the pod people, part ii

"industry watchers doubt that tassimo [a pod machine] will be able to reverse the coffeehouse trend or make up for kraft's losses in ground coffee."

aawwwhh. how my heart bleeds for those poor people at kraft, who can't seem to push their overpriced pod-water products on a new, more quality-savvy, coffee-drinking public.

the same public that is rejecting kraft's maxwell house, a brown, bitter liquid "good to the last drop" only if your aim is to poison houseplants.

when are these large companies going to figure out that selling expensive machines that work only with these also expensive, pre-ground (and thus stale) coffee pods/capsules is a loser? that the specialty coffee lover is the one driving this market?

and the consumers in the high-growth specialty sector want only fresh, high-quality coffees?

"this is not a good time to be in ground coffee," [an industry analyst] warns. "and it's hard to see better times ahead."

long-time readers can understand why this news piece just pre-heats my espresso cup.

so let's talk about the espresso i drank outta that nice warm cup: mark inman's taylor maid espresso occidental. it makes a mighty fine cappuccino for those of you who love dark-roasted, full-oil coffees.

even i, who am not generally fond of coffee as dark as mark's, find it enjoyable.

and of course tomorrow is one of the largest chocolate holidays, easter! it's hard for me to get excited about it sadly, since most of the chocolate aimed for this time is of such low quality.

there's still time to run out and buy gift boxes of fine artisanal chocolate from places like richart, you know!

i myself have been celebrating the clutch of holidays -- purim, easter, passover -- with a bar of scharffen berger 62% mocha given to me by mr. right. the scharf isn't my favorite eating chocolate by far, but hey! i'm not complaining!

never look a bar of gift chocolate in the mouth, or however you wanna say that. . .

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