Thursday, March 31, 2005

synchronicity strikes again

no, no, i'm not talking about them. i'm talking about andrew barnett of ecco.

actually, i was speaking to the delightful and inspirational chris tacy of stumptown, a.k.a. malachi. we were agreeing that barnett is clearly one of the most visionary and exciting people in specialty coffee today.

so i wander back in the office and what do i find? more of andrew's wonderful espresso, based in those famous world-class superpremium brazils that he has to buy from greenies overseas.

also in his kindness he's sent his roast of the recent bolivian cup of excellence winner, ciana!

this is a hand-washed, sun-dried organic coffee. the jury tasters hailed it for its citrus and dark cherry tones, heralding a smooth finish.

i definitely think a coffee of this caliber cries out for vac pot brewing so none of those precious nuances are lost. first thing tomorrow. . . .

btw, this coffee is roast-dated in andrew's own hand, right on the front of the bag: march 28. it's all rested and perfect for brewing.

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