Thursday, March 10, 2005

the usbc, the meetup, the nytimes & the mystery address

first, the u.s.b.c is underway in seattle. who will emerge as the u.s.a. barista champion? we'll find out this coming sunday!

second, the meetup was much better than i had feared. i rehearsed the little "espresso 101" theory thing, and thought i could do it in 30 mins; but of course with questions, etc. it took double that time.

yikes! i should have served coffee first. but now i know -- and hopefully now the poor meetup attendees also know that when i ask "what do you want to hear? do you really want the entire in-depth presentation?" they will have the wits to scream "no!"

i think overall the talk is good, but i need to serve coffee first, do half the presentation, break for 10 mins., do the hands-on, and then finish the spiel. and i can't fool myself that it can be done in less than 2-1/2 hours.

the main door prizes, kindly donated by whole latte love, went to brandy h. of new jersey and jacob p. of bklyn.

i also have to thank gillies for the uganda bugisu aa, dallis for steve schulman's "new york espresso," and of course, jonathan of joe the art of coffee for his own coffee and the locale, and the baristi, and. . .and. . .and!

further, a giant bccy "congrats!" to long-time altie and bccy pal richard reynolds for scoring a great espresso article in the nytimes yesterday (use bugmenot).

finally, i keep hearing everywhere that david schomer's new shop in soho here in nyc is to open very soon, even next week! who out there has the exact addresss?

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