Wednesday, March 09, 2005

why we like it

"much like caviar, foie gras and fine champagne, the best chocolate boasts an elegant and impressive mouthfeel that lets your taste buds know that something special is going on."

and then this article continues on to recommend charbonnel & walker, which long-time readers may recall that we've been drinking off-n-on here at bccy since, oh, 2002. . .very very fine stuff!

speaking of very fine stuff, all the goodies for tonight's scaa consumer nyc coffee meetup have arrived. if you want a shot at winning the main door prize for newbies, or even going home with some roasted coffee, run on over there and r.s.v.p. pronto!

not to mention the sheer joy of the hands-on espresso tutorial and run-through of espresso 101 theory. but mindful of scaa consumer member jim schulman's advice, and our experience with a similar workshop in atlanta last year, i'll begin by asking the group just what they want to know.

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