Saturday, April 23, 2005

the beauty of espressocraft tamper from kenny nye as promised, here is the photo of the one object that was the undeniable hit of the recent scaa conference in seattle: kenny nye of 9th st. espresso has made the most beautiful tamper ever under the label espresso craft.

the steel, as i've said before, is amazingly beautiful and makes the piece quite heavy. but let's take a moment and talk about the tamping base.

a tamping base is a long-sought after feature, especially if you're using a so-called "naked portafilter" with the spouts chopped off. the top of the base is wonderful rubber-y something, easy to clean.

the base stays in place due to a water-resistant foam-type bottom, so there's zero sliding while you're tamping. all good!

for those of you who are pros, i don't know off-hand if you can pop this base into your dishwasher or how you clean this in accordance with the health department rules. but since kenny's run his own shop for years, he certainly knows that health inspections are a reality.

so i can't imagine this would be a problem. for the home user, the combination tamper-n-base is just a joy to use, no matter whether you're a "handstand tamp" or an "italian tamp" type person.

the tamper is customizable -- kenny offers a variety of handles and tamper bottoms, so you have your choice of bottom diameters, curved or flat, and of course handle length.

it's just a gorgeous must-have item. what are you waiting for?

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