Monday, April 25, 2005

coffee in london

at my location the choices now are between the mermaid -- on so many corners here, just as in new york -- or coffee republic, which tends to locate itself catty-corner from the starbucks.

the weather here is completely seattle: chill and rainy. very good for enjoying coffee, but the office i'm in serves only (gasp!) nescafe in packets.

yuppers, these people drink instant coffee, which they occasionally mix with instant hot cocoa to create some kind of monstrous concotion that terrifies me.

on my way to the republic now, which is apparently is reputed to serve better brew than the mermaid.

stay tuned. i need to buy 1/2-lb of coffee to us in my bodum travel press during the day. at my wacky little inn, with the charming grandma's attic decor and the 3-legged dog named poppy, they serve starbucks in a press pot to you at breakfast.

whew! at least it's not instant!

finally i used the word barista in sentence here talking with my colleagues at lunch and they didn't know what one was. this alone speaks volumes to the london coffee culture, ne c'est pas?

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