Saturday, April 02, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxvi

". . . will upscale coffee supplant tea in the next few years as starbucks expands in china? . . . starbucks has 175 stores in developed cities like beijing, shanghai and hong kong."

and plans to expand to 6,500, this piece informs us. lemme take a moment to pretentiously quote myself again: "one world under specialty coffee's passionate sway."

in the continuing commentary and discussion of the mermaid, good or evil? there is certainly this fact: she is spreading the culture of coffee around the globe at an amazing pace.

which is a very good thing! unless she lowers her quality, which would be a very bad thing. which some people say she is doing already, an ultra-very-bad thing.

it's like a hitchcock film really: you never know for sure if the spy-heroine is on their side or ours, until cary grant lifts her into the train compartment. . . or she steals the key to the wine cellar. . .

but for me today poured more rain than coffee. the subways and roads flooded briefly and i wasn't sure exactly how i was going to get home from the hairdressers.

but we new yorkers always find a way! the extra time allowed me to ponder my latest craze: the products of alfaparf. especially the linseed oil treatment.

mix it in with your favorite 15-minute hair mask or stir it into theirs; highly recommended! also, it does seem set now that i'll be pond-hopping to london for business the last week of april and the first of may.

i hope to visit a couple of the better-known london yoga studios, like the life center, triyoga or yoga place. yoga styles are surprisingly different between new york and even california.

what will london yoga be like? i'm worried that it seems so heavily skewed to ashtanga!

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