Monday, April 04, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxvii

first of all, lemme say that i don't find the cafetiére (a.k.a. french press) with 60g of coffee to 1 liter (about 33 oz.) water does much good for andrew's ecco bolivian coe.

i'll try it again with 55g, but i'm leaning towards making a pronouncement that vac pot's the only way to go for this beauty.

onto the regional coffee culture. . .

"we love coffee, chocolate, playing computer games and more than two thirds of australians say they routinely ignore chores to do something more fun."

at last i understand why i have so many readers from down under! that is, when they're not at the beach.

and today finds a fantastic article on the diversification of copenhagen's cafe culture.

and in our still-continuing discussion of the mermaid, we see here that howard himself truly refuses to say die. israel's the only country where his chain has failed; so naturally, he's trying again.

israelis apparently prefer turkish-style coffee. . .perhaps the mermaid's italian-based coffee cuisine just doesn't appeal to them?

and in response to my comment about the difference between california and new york yoga styles, awesome scaa member marshall fuss (he's gone pro!) sends this amusing piece!

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