Wednesday, April 06, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxviii

"to save money, though, most teens drank their coffee at home, even if they made it themselves. while all except one preferred flavored coffee, teens spruced up their homemade coffee with cream, sugar and sometimes flavored cream."

we all know that the olsen twins have popularized the mermaid among teens just as they have set the trend for the so-called "ashcan chic." (which, btw, they did not invent, and was popular in paris last year, altho' it traces it's roots back to "haute hippie" in the '60s.)

and this piece today is an interesting reflection of teen fashion. naturally, i'm glad to see that teens like coffee, and i encourage them -- in moderation!

in fact, some argue that coffee drinking is important to teen girls, who without their large vanilla lattes, may not otherwise be getting adequate calcium in their diets. it's crucial to remember a mermaid venti latte has only a couple oz. of coffee and is overwhelmingly made of healthy skim milk.

(here we are, back to the endless discussion, mermaid: good or evil? sigh.)

since people argue that consumer preferences are hard to change after youth, which is why the teen market is so sought after, the trend for teens to drink coffee and make it at home bodes well for the specialty coffee industry. we definitely need to increase teen outreach pronto!

but back to my espresso. which this week is andrew barnett's ecco northern-italian roast, based in bruno souza's superpremium brazil from fazenda cafezinho.

this is just a sweet and heavy coffee. it's heavenly. heavenly. heavenly.

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