Wednesday, April 27, 2005


one of my aims while here in london is to get to charbonnel & walker, as well as a la reine astrid and the famous rococo run by chantal coady. the charbonnel bon-bons are widely sold for about GBP16 (roughly US$32) the half-pound (250g).

for my colleagues this morning i picked up a couple of bars of valrhona, one of the jivara lait and one of the guanaja. they usually eat cadbury, so this was change for them.

overall, they found the jivara too sweet, but liked its mouthfeel. one colleague found the bars very similar to green & blacks.

however, i personally think the g&b bars are much waxier feeling in the mouth. and so i'm not fond of them.

the valrhona bars cost me GBP5.90 (about US$12 each); sure it was an indulgence, but you know i'm trying to be friendly here!

last night at the charming little inn, the regulars sat about discussing the upcoming u.k. election while i enjoyed a glass of rosé laurent & perrier. . .poppy the black 3-legged dog was disturbed by the heated discussion and hopped off the hide under the bar.

she's very sensitive and wouldn't even take a dog biscuit from me as i tried to coax her back out to play with us. after the discussion was over, everyone shook hands and decided it was going to be boring election, since tony blair appears far ahead.

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