Thursday, April 21, 2005

wine lists and the coffee market

in response to email inquiries, i will post the wine list from the famed altie dinner at scaa conference. so forthwith, from brasa:

snookum inlet oysters, jalapeno-lime granite 2003 santiago ruiz rias baixas
alaskan halibut cheeks, saffron-vanilla potato puree2003 fries vineyard l'ecole no. 41 semillon
sonoma artisanal foie gras, chocolate brioche, muscat icebonny doon muscat vin de glaciere
roasted beets, mache, spiced walnuts, bleu avergne, basalmic vinegar2003 torii mor pinot noir
capousen farms rack of suckling pig, chorizo, clamsmore of the pinot noir
cheese table2001 trutina dunham red table wine

this tasting menu was made up specifically for us by the chef, tamara murphy. it was quite delicious, altho' i didn't like the pinot noir at all, and felt the muscat lacked enough brightness for the foie gras.

however, the muscat was very interesting, apricot, vanilla, and sweet-smelling flowering hay -- just not right for that foie gras.

now on to a bit of unusual coffee news. lately i've had the chance to chat with famed coffee-market analyst/rock star serge cantacuzene.

i know some long-time bccy readers have a passing interest in the coffee market, so i thought i'd pass along to you my trial access to the reports account he so kindly gave me.

many bccy readers -- i hope especially roasters, greenies, and green buyers -- are quite concerned about the market right now because i know rising coffee prices are a complex situation for them. since serge appears to have been the first to accurately predict the upturn in the market, please feel free to make use of it all!

consultancy specialists
username: fortuneelkins
password: fortune

these reports are serious technical analyses of the market, its movements, and why it's going wherever it's going to go, when it's going to go.

finally, i also received the most deeply amusing email today from abc news:

"Hello everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that our coffee taste test will air this Friday, April 22 on ABC 20/20 at 10PM. It will be part of a 20/20 Food Myth hour.

Thank you very much for your interest and participation, especially those able to stay for the interview. If you'd like, I will keep posted on future audience participation stories. Hope you enjoy the story.

All the best,

Frank Mastropolo"

oh, i'm sure i'll enjoy the story, alright! i'll probably be kicking back with my copy of the incredible aussie consumer coffee publication, crema.

once again, i plaintively ask: why don't we in the northern hemisphere have such a magazine?

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